How Many Portable Toilets in Mora, MN Do I Need to Rent?

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Any time you’re planning a large outdoor event, it’s important to consider the availability of restroom facilities. If you do not have actual physical structures containing bathrooms, you’ll need to rent out some portable restrooms or toilets. The big question, then, becomes how many you actually need to get.

To answer this question, you’ll need to primarily determine the size of the event, both in terms of number of attendees and the actual size of the space on which the event is being held. If you do not get the appropriate number of porta potty rentals for your event, you can expect there to be long lines and annoyed guests, which can ruin their event-going experience.

With this in mind, here’s a quick look at the factors you’ll need to consider when choosing the number of portable toilets in Mora, MN to rent for your event.

How many attendees?

You might not know your exact number of attendees, especially for events that occur on a particularly large scale or events that do not require tickets to get in, but you should do your best to estimate a ballpark figure. The number of employees you have is also good to consider.

How long is the event?

The length of time of the event is perhaps the second biggest factor to take into consideration. As a general rule, every two hours of event time necessitates another portable toilet, but this can vary quite a bit.

Let’s say, for example, you expect 500 people at an event that will last for four hours. The general suggestion here is to have five portable toilets. Add another two hours and the suggestion jumps to seven portable toilets.

At larger sizes, the numbers grow even more significantly. A 20,000-person event at five hours long will necessitate 125 toilets, and going up to 150 if you add just an hour to the event time.


If alcohol will be served at the event (such as a wedding, concert or festival), then you should add even more portable toilets. Alcohol makes people have to urinate more frequently, which means people might use the restroom more often than you had been considering for your porta potty totals.


What is the expected demographic makeup of the event you’re holding? If you expect a particularly large number of women, for example, it may be beneficial to bring in more portable toilets, as the more women there are in line, the slower those lines tend to move. The same is true for large numbers of children—it’s a good idea to not only bring in more portable toilets, but also to consider larger portable restroom facilities that make it easier for parents to go in with their children. Those larger facilities often have some additional luxury features that can be quite beneficial as well.


Make sure that you provide the proper accommodations for people with disabilities in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

For more information to consider when renting portable toilets in Mora, MN, contact A & A Septic Service LLC today.

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