Interesting Facts About Porta Potties in Mora, MN

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Unless you’re searching for one, you probably don’t think about portable toilets too often—and why should you? Just thinking about their notoriously bad smell is enough to make anyone’s stomach turn upside down. That’s not the case with us, though. At A & A Septic Service LLC, we think about portable toilets in Mora, MN from the time the sun goes up until it goes back down. As an industry leader, we’d like to pass a little bit of our porta potty knowledge along to you. Continue reading to learn everything you could ever wish to know about porta potties:

  • They have a long history: Portable toilets were first used in New Jersey shipyards back in the 1940s, when owners realized that they were losing time and money due to workers running back and forth from the restroom. The predecessor to the modern porta potty was made of wood or metal and simply contained a small holding tank. Thankfully, the industry has changed quite a bit since the ‘40s!
  • They go by many names: This one’s pretty obvious, but portable toilets go by quite a few different names. Porta potty, porta John and porta loo are a few of the most common names in America, whereas “WC” is most commonly used in Europe. Whatever you call them, they all serve the same purpose.
  • They’re eco-friendly: While it’s essential, indoor plumbing can also waste a ton of water. The good news is that porta potties save 45 billion gallons of fresh water each year! While we’re not suggesting that everyone stop using their toilet and rent a porta potty for personal use, it is nice to know that a porta potty uses 90 percent less water than a conventional toilet.
  • They’re quite sanitary: Unlike the porta potties that were first used in the New Jersey shipyards, today’s portable toilets are very sanitary. That blue liquid that’s found in the tank is responsible for killing bacteria. As long as you have your porta potties cleaned out in a timely manner, they’re just as clean as the toilet in your home.
  • The first row is the cleanest: The next time you’re searching for the least smelly and cleanest porta potty, check out the first row! Though it’s logical to think otherwise, studies have shown that porta potties in the first row are often used the least. This is probably because everyone avoids them, assuming they’re going to be smelly.
  • It’s an evolving industry: The porta potty industry is rapidly evolving to meet the needs of its customers. From the standard blue ones used at a construction site to luxury portable toilets that are suitable for weddings and corporate events, there’s a porta potty for everyone and every situation.

The one thing we haven’t covered regarding porta potties in Mora, MN is where to rent them. Whether it’s for a job site or an outdoor event, be sure to call A & A Septic Service the next time you need a porta potty. In addition to delivery and pickup, we also clean out porta potties if they’re at a location for an extended period of time. Reach out to us to learn more!

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