The Most Common Problems with Floor Drains

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You probably have a number of different floor drains throughout your home—in your basement, in your garage or in some areas on the ground floor of your home. These drains tend to exist in areas where there’s a chance that excess water will build up.

Occasionally you may run into problems with these floor drains, so when they occur it’s important to know what to do and whether or not you need to call a professional drain cleaning service in Mora, MN for help. Here are just a few examples of some of the most common problems with floor drains that you’re likely to experience as a homeowner.

General debris buildup

The first and most common issue you could experience with your floor drain is a buildup of debris from your household, such as dirt and dust, food particles, hair and other larger chunks of debris. After a shower, for example, you might notice that hair is clogging the drain. Some of it might make its way down through the plumbing. The same is true for any items put down any other drain in your home. This could turn into an issue in other areas of your plumbing, and the first area you’ll see clogged could be your basement floor drain. In mild circumstances you can likely get by using some chemicals to clear the clog, but in severe instances you may need to call in a drain cleaning service.

Problems in the line

Floor drains are designed in such a way that they can handle a bit of waste water overflow so the pressure from waste water does not cause a pipe to explode. You shouldn’t be able to pour a massive amount of water down a drain without any overflow—this is a sign that there could be a break at some point in the line, which will require you to work with a plumber.


One potentially serious issue you may run into with your floor drains is crystallization that can build up in the pipes, causing overflows and drainage issues. Certain materials such as sugary liquids, soap and urine can all cause this problem, as they leave behind trace amounts of sediment. The more these materials build up, the more likely it is you’re going to have to call in a plumber to make some significant repairs.

Odors and raw sewage

If you’re able to smell raw sewage, or actually have raw sewage entering your home through the floor drain, this means there’s a blockage in your sewer line, and you need to have a professional come in and snake the pipes immediately. Any time you have raw sewage coming up into your home, there’s a potential for some catastrophic damage that could require you to throw out a lot of items, so you must call an emergency plumber or drain service right away.

For more information about potential problems with your floor drains, or to schedule drain cleaning service in Mora, MN, contact A & A Septic Service LLC today.

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