How to Prevent Common Problems Affecting Septic Service in Mora, MN

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You probably take your vehicle to the mechanic for regular oil changes. You brush your teeth every day to avoid cavities. In many areas of our lives, we take proactive steps to prevent problems down the line. Unfortunately, many property owners don’t do the same with their septic systems. As a result, their septic service in Mora, MN suffers.

Fortunately, there are some fairly simple steps you can take to prevent common septic issues. Use the following guide to keep your system in top shape.

Befriend the Bacteria

Did you know that bacteria are crucial to your septic system? We often think of these microbes as germs that should be eradicated. However, the bacteria in your septic tank are needed to break down the solid waste in the system.

When you use certain household cleaners, such as bleach or antiseptics, these substances kill the bacteria in your tank. To keep these essential microbes alive, avoid putting chemicals down your drain. If you suspect you’ve already killed your bacteria, contact a septic service in Mora, MN to help you restore a healthy balance of microbes in your tank.

Siphon the System

When it comes to septic service in Mora, MN, the old adage often rings true: it’s out of sight, out of mind. Until there is a problem with the septic system, most property owners don’t give it much thought. This leads to backups and expensive repairs. Be sure to have your system pumped regularly by professionals to avoid these hassles and costs. Consult with a technician to determine how often your tank should be pumped. The frequency depends on size and usage habits.

Protect the Pipes

Do you know where your drain field is? It’s important to take precautions with this portion of your property. You should not drive a car over the drain field, as this can crush the pipes and damage your system. Tree roots are another potential hazard. Keep an eye on existing tree root growth and avoid planting new trees too close to your drain field.

Defend the Drain

Certain materials wreak havoc on your septic system if they make their way into your drain. You may get away with putting these things into your system for a while, but they will eventually cause clogs, backups and other damage that you don’t want to experience. Find other ways to dispose of grease, coffee grounds, paper products, cat litter and chemical products. These items should be thrown in the trash instead of down your drain. It’s also helpful to protect your drain with drain guards that will prevent hair and other small debris from entering your pipes and causing clogs.

Partner with the Pros

The best way to prevent problems with your septic system is to partner with professionals who will provide regular maintenance. Contact the experts at A & A Septic Service LLC to schedule regular septic tank pumping and inspections. These will allow the technician to detect any issues early and prevent major repairs. Reach out to our team today to experience top-quality septic service in Mora, MN.

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