How Septic Maintenance Helps the Environment

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One quarter of our country’s population uses septic systems. Most of the time, we don’t even think about it and let the system do its job, but every once in a while it’s good to invest a bit of time and money into septic system maintenance. That’s because it could save you thousands of dollars in the long run, as well as provide other benefits.

The fact is that hiring a service for septic tank cleaning in Mora, MN is a good idea because it also ensures the health of your neighborhood and the environment. It’s just the responsible thing for homeowners and business owners to do. Let’s look at how septic tank maintenance benefits everyone.

Watch what you flush

This is a smart idea in general for those using septic systems. Did you know that, with a septic system, everything you flush down the toilet ends up beneath your yard? So, flushing harsh pollutants, for example, means they’re going right into the ground, poisoning whatever is there.

Experts recommend that people refrain from flushing objects like tampons, coffee grounds, cat litter, pads, condoms, dental floss, household chemicals, diapers, cigarette butts and medicine. In other words, if you want to keep the pipes clear and everything working smoothly, you should only flush human waste and toilet paper.

Keep the neighborhood healthy

The fact is that household wastewater contains disease-causing bacteria and infectious viruses, from ear infections to hepatitis. When the septic system is properly maintained, most of these pollutants are removed in the process. However, insufficient treatment can cause groundwater contamination. This may lead to disease in humans and animals. Ensure your sewage is treated properly by having a septic cleaning service visit your home or business regularly.

Threats to drinking water

Billions of gallons of wastewater are flushed into the earth’s surface every day. When that water is contaminated, it poses threats to drinking water and the surrounding environment. Water systems like ponds, lakes and rivers are all interlinked, meaning that, by releasing pollutants into the groundwater system, you might be killing plants, fish, shellfish and other marine life.

The bottom line is that regular maintenance of your septic system is the way to go. You’ll spot potentially expensive problems before they happen, while ensuring that your impact on the environment is minimal.

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