Six Warning Signs of a Sick Septic Tank

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What is one of the most irritating, stressful, time-consuming and potentially one of the most expensive problems a homeowner deals with? Septic tank problems. A septic tank, in its simplest terms, is an underground tank where the sewage from your home is collected and allowed to decompose through bacterial activity before filtering out into a drain field. Septic tanks are an ingenious system, but they are also susceptible to a host of problems.

Drains that drain slowly or gurgle, bad odors and water backups are all early signs of septic tank problems. Identifying issues with your septic tank and knowing when you need septic pumping in Mora, MN early on can help you avoid more serious problems that can be costly to fix. To help you catch problems with your septic tank, we’ve put together a list of six signs you should be on the lookout for.

Gurgling sounds

Are mysterious gurgling noises coming from your sink or drain? This may be a very early warning sign that your septic tank is full and is ready for septic pumping in Mora, MN.

Greener grass

Greener grass is usually a desirable thing, but it can also be a sign of septic tank problems. If you notice that only a portion of your lawn is suddenly greener, this could be a sign that you have a problem with your drain field. That portion of your lawn is getting some extra “fertilizer” (a.k.a. sewage) at its roots, which is causing it to look greener and healthier than the rest of your lawn.

Bad odors

Probably one of the most recognizable signs of a septic tank problem is a bad smell. The smell is usually described as “rotten eggs,” and is very distinct. So, if you get a whiff of a rotten egg smell, chances are it’s your septic tank warning you that something is amiss.

Toilet issues

Is your toilet slow to flush, or will it not flush at all? If you’re having issues with flushing your toilet and your trusty plunger doesn’t seem to be fixing the problem, this is usually an early warning sign of an issue with your septic tank.

Slow drains

It’s so annoying! You go to take a shower and before you are halfway done, the tub is half-filled with water because of a slow drain. If a bit of drain cleaner doesn’t remedy this problem, you may be dealing with a septic tank issue.

Water backups

If you are noticing water backing up into your washing machine or, even worse, a sewage backup in your home, you need to call for professional help immediately! This is a very serious sign that your septic tank is on the verge of causing serious damage to your home and property.

Don’t wait for your septic tank to be terminally ill before you ask for help. Be on the lookout and call the experts at A & A Septic Service LLC for septic pumping in Mora, MN if you notice any of these six signs of a sick septic tank!

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