Answers to the Questions You’re Afraid to Ask About Septic Systems

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As your trusted provider of septic tank service in Mora, MN, we’ve pretty much seen it all, and we’re here to tell you that there’s no shame in asking any kind of question you might have about your system. Sometimes people are embarrassed to openly ask for information, especially if it’s a sensitive topic or the answer seems obvious, but the more you know, the better off your septic system will be, so never hesitate to come to us with any questions or concerns!

Today, we’re answering some of those hard-to-ask questions for you.

What happens during septic tank pumping?

One of the most important aspects of septic tank service in Mora, MN is regular septic pumping, roughly every year or at most every two years.

First, the technician will use professional equipment to pump out your entire system. Then he will examine the outlet and inlet tees to ensure that they are performing well, and get a count of the bacteria levels inside your tank, which should always be at an adequate level to help process the liquid. You’ll flush your toilets when he’s all finished to double check that everything is running smoothly, and you should get a full report of the service maintenance and results before he leaves.

Will it smell?

When you have your septic tank serviced, there will most likely be some odor during the process and for a short time after. But don’t worry, it shouldn’t stick around long—you should be back to normal in just a few short hours.

What is a septic filter, and do I have one?

Every septic system should have a filter, which is designed to do a very important task: prevent particles that might harm your tank from reaching it. This includes grime, large bits of debris and even hair. Think of it as a large strainer that will ultimately protect your tank by keeping these harmful particles away from your leach field lines.

What is a leach field?

Speaking of leach field lines, they are part of what’s known as a leach field. This is a variety of pipes that start at your distribution box and extend between 20 and 40 feet away from the system. They are most often covered with gravel and dirt, and they are equipped with very small holes. These components allow the liquid from your tank to leach out in a safe and controlled way into the surrounding soil, where it can be naturally recycled.

What causes septic system malfunctions?

There are a variety of factors that lead to damage, but the most common culprit is simply neglect. It’s important to invest in regular septic tank service in Mora, MN. This will ensure that any components in need of repairs will be caught right away, so you don’t have to deal with unnecessary damage or costly fixes later on. To keep your tank functioning properly, call A & A Septic Service LLC and set up a consistent schedule for septic system inspection and maintenance.

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